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There is no traffic on the sky

I’m an IT guy, one may called a “Techies”. Has been doing IT for living for a long time, since 1994. Moving up and attached “Manager” to the titles for years. Like many others IT guy I was started as a junior and don’t know what to do in life. Learning more and more each day. Dealing with issue from the inside, partners, customers and so on. I never know that I could be a “Manager” one day, really never thought about it.

For a few years that I was on private sector side. Suddenly, an International NGO called and leave me a message for an Interview (an NGO name was AVSC International, later changed to EngenderHealth). An marketer who got me a message said “a company name something like KFC called you, asked you to call back”. I was like…. What???? I don’t need a Chicken 🙂

Called them back on the same day. Set a dates for an Interview. The Interview was with a BIG group of Interviewee, like 7 people. The 4 of them was an American at a different level from Regional Director to a very senior program staff. One of them was my direct supervisor flew from New York City. Went through a series of Interview, they’ve got me. So, November 1998 I finally moved from Private Sector to an NGO. Since then I never move back.

The point of this post is all about your life goals. You may started like me, don’t know what you want in life. That is totally wrong, you need to have a goals of your life. Where or which direction you want to be. If you’re a programmer, you want to be a system analyst, a project manager? If you are a network guy, you want to be the head of Network Operation? Anything, just aim high.

If you’re always down-below. You will have lots, and lots of competitor in your career. If you never look up and try to be there. You will end-up like stuck in a traffic. Can’t move around, stuck with the same salary or very little increase. Finally, you’re getting old too. When you’re getting old you will be lazy and less proactive. Your salary is high due to years of services. The company will try to kick you out, replaced with a junior IT which is cheap and not lazy.


You need to move up, to a bigger position. How to do? There is no key of success.  You’ve to figure it out. If you think that you’re expert in installing Windows and that is good enough? You will have no move, if someone else also do but better.

“There is no traffic on the sky”.


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